Note for the eleventh strip of the twenty first century
The Ben Har is one of the favorite movies of mine. But, I have been disappointed to know Chalton Heston who starred on this movie having taken up the post of President of N.R.A ( National Rifle Association ) of United States. How many people have become sacrifices by now since weapons had been owned by the individual or the state upon the pretext of self-defense and decision weather to use them by the owners were approved?
Provably, those who have continued to read the note in this site have noticed me taking a gloomy view of  the future of human beings or the earth. Even if a hundred years in the twentieth century were considered, only 2, 3 on the earth countries avoided war flames. The history of the human race has been the history of the destruction and slaughter. Because the human being is a kind of the animal the fighting instinct is pregnant by anyone. Also, the competition society of the human being retain traces of the society of the survival of the fittest of the animal.
It is a matter of course that language invented by human beings has developed their civilization, and made unprecedented scientific society of the history of the earth appear.
Having accumulated huge knowledge, it can not absolutely say that man has grown nor is moving toward better things. Although very sinful deed would not be done by individual, and if done, he would be judged by law, when the people those make nationality, a principle and region one gather unite, they will be given to evil ways sometimes.
Moreover, even if he knew in the past many people had been infelicific or their companies in somewhere in the earth were going through hardships, he does not deeply sympathize it as if as he has experienced it, but considers his ancestors and neighbors unfortunate unexpectedly.
Certainly human beings have become more cleaver compared them of course at the time of anthropoids, even at the time of .primitive culture.
But, for me cleaver does not spell earnest but cunning or silly. Rather, the word " to be apt " makes me think of " crime ".
2001; A Space Odyssey is also one of the favorite movies of mine. In this movie, captain Bowman lowered intelligence of Hal which is computer of the high performance carried on the spaceship to control it even as managed barely because it rose a revolt. However, captain Bowman was made a baby by a preternatural existence finally. What is the preternatural existence? Just it should be surely called in the name of God.