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My name is Katao.
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 I worry that the words in strips, notes, and other texts in this homepage have grammatical error. If you detect points grammatically incorrect or clumsy in expressions, Excuse me, but please acquaint me with it to:

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Though this site has the subtitle of weekly webcomic given. it isn't being renewed in the period of one time every week. That is due to a difficulty having occurred in the author's personal computer at the end of the last century. Moreover, that is attributable that at present he is busy with the preparation these works in the new media and much time can't be spared for creation of the English version which contains note.
From now on, although renewal of the English version may be unable to catch up with the original version, I ask reading with pleasure of you succeedingly.

 The twelfth strip of the twenty first century

The hero Katao of these strips is rather good-natured, and gullible. It is my grandfather that the most good-natured person I ever met.
The people in our village called my house Kanba that spells market, and my grandfather was called the uncle of Kanba, as for me little Ken of Kanba, because my house was farmhouse and the relay point to ship agricultural products for the neighborhood. Not only agricultural products but complications which had happened of their home in each were brought to my house.
A day, a farmer came in order to ask my grandfather for instruction for claim against his daughter's high school for the compensation for she had been injured during the trip for educational purpose.
Another of some days, a woman on bad terms with her husband and elder brother came at night, had a meal with us, and stayed at the night.
Another of some days, always getting dead-drunk and labored driven out by the wife at last, a man had lain down on the door of my house.
Another of some days a young nurse whose marriage had been opposed by her parents ran into, and entreated my grandfather for persuade them to allow her marriage.
Besides, the taps for money, too many is.
Afterward, I got to wonder if he should ever had been respected by the villagers. Later, after my grandfather passed away, what stated below happened.
A night of winter, since someone struck the sliding door, I opened it, then a boy broke in with no greeting. Next a girl, then a middle aged woman, at last a woman who had been my classmate rushed into. Welcoming the four, my grandmother made them worm themselves.
The woman in middle age was my classmate's mother, and children were her nephew and niece. According their statement, seemingly they came to seek refuge, since my classmate's father and her husband had quarreled. After all, they went home within the night. However, it has been noticed and amazed at a matter by me. It follows the next time.

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