I am Hiroshi (Smiley) Ohnishi, a Japanese translator (English to Japanese).

This is the English window of my web site.
Here I am reaching out for your voices.
(This page was found to be of some value by an librarian, Marylyn, and her student intern of Valley Book Club.
I was so pleased to hear that and be informed of a nice clipart page (Clip Art Resources for Students, Teachers & Business Professionals).
Why don't you search your favorite one? -- 5/24/2012)

I have translated the following books.
If you have read any of them, I would be happy to share your impressions or views about them or the authors.

Donald McCaig..."Nop's Trial"
Donald McCaig...
"Nop's Hope"
Joan Winer Brown...
"Simon the Pointer"
E. C. Bentley...
"Trent's Last Case"
Rob Kantner...
"The Harder They Hit"
Rob Kantner...
"Hell's Only Half Full"
Rob Kantner...
"Made in Detroit"
Rob Kantner...
"The Thousand Yard Stare"
Robert Fulghum...
"Maybe (Maybe Not)"
Laura Day...
"Practical Intuition"
Fred Alan Wolf...
"Parallel Universes"
Richard N. Patterson..."Escape the Night"
Beverly Peterson Stearns & Stephen C. Stearns..."Watching, from the Edge of Extinction"
Barbara Stanny..."Prince Charming Isn't Coming"
Richard Wilkins..."150 Ways to Make Your Life 10/10"
Richard Wilkins..."10/10 The Yellow Book"

Each item of the above list is linked to the translation version on my Japanese only pages. If you feel interested in the original English books, you can find them using this seach box.
In Association with Amazon.com

In Association with Amazon.com

I am a bucolic man and love bucolic life.
Now I wish I could hear many pleasant, peaceful, humorous, and bucolic stories or episodes from all over the world.
If you live in a pastoral country, please mail me and share your beautiful and peaceful life.


Incidentally, I have my own book, too.
It's named
"A Diary of A Man Who Retrieved His Wife from Her Cancer Bed."
Yes. My wife is still suffering from
her breast cancer and bone metastases.
If you or your beloved fell in similar circumstances, why don't you share any information with us?



My friends;
Yoshihiro Nakazato/Takayuki Toyama --
EnviX, Ltd.
Toshihiko Tsukamoto -- Chateau Lumiere/the best winery in Japan
Izumi Suzuki/Steve Myers --
Suzuki, Myers & Associates, Ltd.
Thomas Balogh --
DK Whispers
Terumaro Hiramoto --


Waiting for your mail...

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